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TOPTELL Technology International Co., Ltd; established in 1996 is a well known exporter, designer and manufacturer of innovative electronic products committed to developing OEM business in Taiwan and China. We specialize in integrating high technology into daily essentials for the 21st century.

As serious counterfeit activities take place in Asia, TOPTELL has devoted itself to innovation, invention and its applications. TOPTELL has several worldwide patents that promote the image and position of genuine Made-In-Taiwan products. We have announced an innovation or patented product every year since 1998, and these innovative products have won major international invention awards. The President of Taiwan has praised TOPTELL's inventive and creative spirit. 

The Mayor of Taipei City, Mr. Ying-Jeou Ma, handed a certificate of inventor's pattern to the marketing manageress of TOPTELL in June , 2000. 
   The Mayor of Taipei City, Mr. Ying-Jeou Ma, demonstrated and practiced the e - Body Rejuvenator ®  which won major international invention awards. The photo and article were published on the most popular Taiwan newspaper United Daily News on June 19, 2000.
The marketing manageress represented TOPTELL to be awarded by the President of Taiwan, Mr. S. B. Chen in November 2000. 
 In 2000,the prior vice president of Taiwan,Mr. C. Lien praised the marketing manageress representing TOPTELL Technology for winning several major international invention awards
 In 2001, the premier of Taiwan,Mr. J. Chuang praised the marketing manageress representing TOPTELLTechnology for winning several major international invention awards.

In 1998, we invented Chinese Triple-Nation Chess which challenged over 1500 years of Chinese conventional two-nation chess .This innovation is primarily for the Taiwanese and Chinese markets. It has obtained patent rights in Taiwan and Mainland China. In the past 10 years .it has won the following awards.

Supreme Prize Taiwan International Invention Competition 1998. Silver Medal Chinese International Invention Expo 1998.

In 1999 we released another innovation, PENTALK® - Body Secretary, which focused on export markets and has been patented in France, Germany, Japan, Mainland China and Taiwan etc. Moreover, it won major international invention awards:
 Superior Prize Taiwan International Invention Competition 1998.  Gold Medal International Invention Competition of Geneva 1999.  Bronze Medal Chinese International Invention 1998.

In addition to its streamline engineering and design, its holder has adapted high end plastic PVC that is light weight and break resistant. The pen body is covered by a metallic pearl leather coating which creates an elastic feeling distinctly comfortable when you hold it. Its function and sense of quality has exceeded other styles of pens on the market from America, Japan and other countries. It is the " Pen of the New Century ".It transcends the image that Taiwan's gift products are inferior to those of America and Japan.

PENTALK® - Body Secretary has been promoted widely by being seen often in popular newspapers, " United Daily News " . In March 1999, we appeared continuously on Sincere Contact in CTS TV program as the major supporter of the show. Meanwhile, we have been the subject of many cover stories since early 1999: {.CATV, CTV news, TVBS news, FTV news, Unique Business Com. inc., etc.....]

The Mayor of Taipei City, Mr. Ying-Jeou Ma, praised the marketing manageress representing TOPTELL Technology for its PENTALK® - Body Secretary Gold Medal award from International Invention Competition of Geneva 1999. The photo and the article were published in the most popular Taiwan newspaper United Daily News on June 11, 1999

The former President of Taiwan Mr. D.H Lee handed the certificate of International Invention Competition of Geneva 1999 to the inventor of PENTALK®- Body Secretary in October 1999. PENTALK®- Body Secretary was recommended and awarded as Good Design & Quality Product by CETRA.
  • Awarded as a "Good Design & Quality Product for 1998" by CETRA in Taiwan; obtained authorization to use G Mark.

In May 2000, we introduced an outstandingly hot Sporting Goods item .e - Body Rejuvenator ® body shaper in Taiwan. This invention with world wide patent protection is being developed in different languages for worldwide distribution. Currently In Taiwan it has not only has been the best-selling piece of fitness equipment, but has been widely reported by major news media including TV channels, radio stations, newspapers and magazines.

  •  Wireless TV News channels :
  • Cable TV News channels :
    ET WEBS INC etc.
  • Newspaper media :
    United Daily News, The Liberty Times, Min Sheng Daily, Star News, The Great Entertainment Daily, China Times, The Commercial Times, The Great Sports Daily, United Daily Evening News etc.
  • Website :
    www.yam.com, China Telecom.
  • Magazine :
    TIME, Review (Far Eastern Economic Review), Taipei Walker, Here, Yummy, Baby & Mother, Marie Claire, DG Life, Beauty, Cash Box etc.
e - Body Rejuvenator ® worldwide patents including U.S.A., Germany, Japan, U.K., France, Italy, Canada, Taiwan, H.K, U.A.E and  Mainland China, among 47 countries. It also won 3 international invention awards as below:

Gold Medal London International Invention Competition 2000 Silver Medal International Invention Expo Competition of Geneva 2000 The Supreme Prize Golden Brain Award Taiwan International Invention Competition 2000

The conventional hula hoop was invented in 1958 and categorized as a toy. This innovative body shaping equipment, e - Body Rejuvenator® breaks the old conception held for decades. It offers many important features that an ordinary hula hoop could never duplicate. It monitors your progress ,encourages, entertains and interacts. It also helps avoid injury from overdoing the exercise. There are several other electronic features a toy hula hoop can't duplicate.
Certificate of the United States Patent of e - Body Rejuvenator ® ( Patent No. 6,036,573 )

The hula hoop is well known for its amazingly easy waist slimming results.. This new fitness product that is suitable for both genders and all age groups is specially developed to interact and entertain during exercise and efforts to lose weight. Simply enter your weight and waist measurements, the built-in microprocessor will then automatically count the number of turns, time of use and calories consumed. Then display the data on the LCD screen as well as store them in memory. There are several lifelike songs that can surround you while the body shaper is in use. A unique electronic voice will report the count and time continuously as well as encourage you to keep going and challenge your own record . When the user approaches a record during the last 50 turns or 5 minutes the voice will report at every 10 turns or every minute to encourage the user to keep going and achieve a new record.

The newly invented e - Body Rejuvenator® Unlike the ordinary toy hula hoop uses cutting edge electronic technology coupled with key ergonomic principles that allow a new user not only learn how to hula hoop faster but to lose weight and slim down easier. The materials of the body shaper are made of the highest quality materials and are environmentally friendly. It meets CE safety approval, impact-proof and drop-test requirements.

In 2002, TOPTELL® released a new product with worldwide patents, Body Power TM. This newly invented product integrates 4000 years of Chinese Chi Kung Health principals and is easy to use. The full gentle synchronized body motion provides an activity that will be popular for all seasons indoors or outdoors. Older people can enjoy it as much as kids. Up to four players can play fun competitive games. There is no need to learn or practice, Anyone can use and play with it right away.

Recently invented Body Power TM utilizes a large ball bearing propelled through a cylindrical channel grip monitored by a series of processors. The action simulates centrifugal acceleration and requires synchronized motion to accomplish desirable results through controlled thrusts. This synchronized motion helps develop a rhythm and provides a comfortable work out. It utilizes advanced electronic technology that incorporates Micro-Computers and an integrated /intelligent voice and LCD display . Body Power TM can play games, music and perform countless other electronic interactive functions.

Body Power TM The Voice system is designed with a built in micro-computer that expresses encouragement based on records; speed, time expired, calories and other exercise accomplishments. Players can control the conditions of the exercise. The device allows competition among a maximum of four players and engages them in challenging exercise while being entertained. Various exercise modes allow people who want to slim and tone particular parts of their body to easily achieve this. The device provides a new kind of exercise to promote a healthy life-style. Just start it spinning for fun, exercise and competition moving you to a healthier life-style. 

In 2004, We released a new item TALK JUMPER TM  This newly invented fitness device has innovative built in interactive voice functions. It is a high-tech and low cost exercise item, it meets the requirements of promotional markets with high volume retail market potential as well..

TALK JUMPER TM  is suitable for both genders and all ages. Specifically designed with an interactive voice system that monitors your workouts and keeps you challenged and entertained for continued use. Just start it spinning for fun, exercise, and competition. Boring and monotonous equipment is a major factor keeping people from sticking to their exercise routines.. A voice reports the count and time continuously, as well as encourages the user to keep going and challenge their own record. It will also advise of over exercising.

In 2005, released the second generation of the “collapsible “e-Body Rejuvenator® , Talking Twister TM .

The second generation of the “collapsible “e-Body Rejuvenator® , it not merely extends and includes every abundant electronic function that all general first generation e-Body Rejuvenator® has already designed having, it is convenient that the second generation of collapsible e-Body Rejuvenator® appearance can be taken apart comes in easily shippable package, and new wave design creates a massaging effect increasing circulation. 

For the Talking Twister TM  is an effective fitness training device that ANYONE can use, engineered to make exercise, comfortable almost effortless, while burning fat & calories. Has the ability to cause an unique stretching & contracting motion designed to provide a total body workout. You will experience a body harmony that comes from intestinal cleanliness, increased blood flow and stress relief in your back. Talking Twister TM massage figure twister develops your skills and let your body operate at its peak efficiency. The talking voice system will spur you on with encouraging phrases as your exercise, as well as tell you the food equivalent to the calories you’ve burned and the length of your current exercise time.
Moreover, the twister exercise rhythm is accompanied with stimulating music to make twisting exercise more exciting and to keep you going.

 In 2006, We are releasing the Talking Dumbbell TM .This hi- tech exercise device designs the function with Interactive Voice System supported. It is indispensable exercise equipment for men and women, old and young of the family that can all use from the person 3~99 years old. Appearance of streamline the feel possesses the modern sense very much, it not only designs shape appearance but also considers the convenient characteristic that carries, can let sports be taken away, even in the office or goes out to travel and move everywhere all the time.

ONETWO, THREEFOUR,……you don’t have to count your reps any more-the weight does it for you……...
Talking Dumbbell TM as your training partner, keeping you on track during your workout. Just fill your weights with water and start lifting. For easy storage and travel, simply empty the water.  The Talking Dumbbell combines interactive voice training and an intelligent computer is your personal trainer. 

The old and the young can all move easily, happy fitness. It is the best first-selection giving a present, and the favorite of " e " sports apparatus of generation too, grandparents can light the whole family come sport, and the whole people come sport. Strengthen the body as well as healthy but full of pleased happy senses too, even the lazy person who falls sports will no longer have excuses!

In 2008, TOPTELL® - Speech Recognition Voice Controlled Calculator and Clock will be released with patents in more than 50 countries. This will lead us into a new era of voice identification. The market potential of intelligent voice recognition being incorporated into our daily lives is potentially huge .Economic reports indicate the worldwide demand of conventional calculators is about 185 million pieces per year. This statistic implies that the voice controlled version will be successful .

A tool like this will certainly be beneficial to people with certain handicaps but has many other important applications. While you are wake up during the dark in the night, you may no need to turn on of the light, you would asking “ What time is it..!??” Then our patent product could answer you “It is AM: 2:43………..” Or while the person with the obstacle of vision or hand or the blind peoples, for examples It could voice out like: “ 1+2 x 3 or ÷ 5 …and said....Equal or Total after then our Voice recognition controlled calculator may give you the answer.............……

Certificate of the United States Patent of TOPTELL® - Speech Recognition Voice Control Calculator & Clock ( Patent No. 6,173,060B1)

We are constantly innovating high-quality patented products to fulfill human requirements for the millennium. We aim to design a series of products related to voice recognition that will lead us into a new generation of voice identification.

The 21st century is the era of high technology. Nowadays toys, computers and electronics are tied to high-tech development. We see these additional functions and features can contribute an incredible amount of added value to conventional fitness equipment and other products. TOPTELL's goal is to bond high tech with innovation and create useful products. The market for this is huge, as well as the market benefit. As to above patented and acknowledged products developed by TOPTELL, it shows great practicality, ingenuity and inherent value. TOPTELL technology and its staff are devoted to innovations of high quality; We will benefit your life with our fantastic products and create new products of value for your business. Meanwhile, we will keep on inventing new products. 

Are you looking for newly invented items to improve your businesses bottom line? Do you want to ad new life to your regular mass production sports items with an interactive voice function ? We have strong R&D & OEM capability. OEM or ODM projects using the Interactive Voice Module for your regular sports are welcome. 

Any Exercise is better than none.